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What the students have to say:

“Drama is such a creative outlet for me, and this program is such a unique and diverse place for all sorts of people. We are all such a tight knit and united group of amazing people. Definitely one of the best programs on campus.” – Spencer Cowan

“There is no other program that I can describe as being so open, kind, and like a family, except for Drama.” - Sterling Gates

“I’m not sure where I would be without drama. It’s a place to celebrate my strengths as well as those of my friends.” – Kayla Mercure

 “A place where you feel unstoppable.” –Cesar Coto

“I love the atmosphere of our class. Everyone cares about each other so much and is so dedicated to our program. I’m just so glad to be in this program!” – Claire Leenerts

“Drama is my home away from home.  Not only do we create magic onstage, but we get to form friendships that create a family.” – Maren McClanahan

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